Day 1 – On the Road

So…funny thing. I actually didn’t make it very far on my first day. Davenport to San Francisco. I hugged and kissed mom and dad goodbye (no ugly cry – saved that for JOD) and off I went.

The morning was pretty awesome. It was overcast and cool, usual SF summer weather. A bunch of people showed up in the park to do some stunting (of which you’ll see pictures…someday). Then in usual fashion, we retired to a bar. And when I say retired, I mean, we got the 2nd part of the day started. We started shopping for heels, cause really, why wouldn’t 5 grown men with feet the size of small boats want to wear stiletto heels around the Castro for a night?

Lots of reasons, but!

Diego and Derrick

I dont understand where this boy glam business came from, or what business our little crew had trying to pull it off. But here is the end result of a 3 hour shopping trip in union square, lots of strange looks from tourists and even stranger looks from locals…not really.

Matt...eating, cause those leggings aren't tight enough...

Terribly amused with himself, as we all are.

Also known as...I haven't been wearing these long...

Already been wearing these heels too long...but they look amazing!

Prancy McBigToe fur of course

Glitter heels, I couldn't help myself. SO Messican!

Yes, we were a shit show. and you know what. We had an amazing time. Great first day on my way to Chicago. I really hope they’re as welcoming to big boys in heels as SF pretends to be…Meanwhile, I now understand the need for shoes that fit your foot and I have more respect for strippers than you can even fathom. PS, special shout out to whatever celestial being that kept me from falling off my spikes and breaking an ankle.

Seriously? How did we all end up friends? Awesome that we are.

Day 2, in the works.


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