Day 2 – On the Road

Well that was fun…California, nevada and most of Utah. Here’s how it went down.

After a night of drinking in heels, being slapped upside the chest so hard it left a mark for 2 days and a lot of laughs, I woke up at 5:30am. I wasn’t hungover! Yay! I was still drunk, well, not really, just tired and dehydrated, and I hopped on the road. It was a little emotional seeing this sign and crossing the Bay Bridge, but I put on some Gaga and pressed on.

Last SF Exit

Anyway, it was a long drive across CA, easy though, which was good. Nevada, if you’ve never seen it from highway 80 and only flown over (usually me) is actually gorgeous! Valleys and mountains, the road isn’t flat and dull the whole time. I wouldn’t say there is something new around EVERY corner, but it is pretty cool. I enjoyed myself, which is a total shock right?

Totally classic right!?

Anyway, after a few freak rain storms around the Utah border I rolled into Salt Lake City to find that they really should have come up with more street names than Temple and Main. Like, seriously. while I understand the concept of the grid being laid out based on distance from Temple Square and all…I still found it annoyed to get around. Especially when I decided I was going to rally and hit the gym. Apparently the gay gym. Well, it was the gay gym cause I was the only person in there for a while.

Day three will take me through Wyoming and into Colorado to Denver…cause I refuse to stay in a state with no gay bar any longer than I have to, which is why I’m headed to Denver cause it’s a bit out of the way. Plus the guys are hot.

The only thing keeping me going in the middle of nowhere


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