Day 3 – On the Road

Lets talk about Salt Lake City. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. That is all.

Meanwhile, the drive out of SLC, was kind of amazeballs. I snapped a few photos, but I really feel like its a state you should drive through on your own. It’s very pretty. The terrain is totally varied in scope and style.

Stopped to snap a few photos near the Utah/Wyoming border.

Its like a real life version of Radiator Springs!

Anyway, I drifted through over the state line and into firework country, which…was new for me. Apparently if you want big fireworks, Wyoming is the place to get them. Who knew? I had a quick drive through quite possibly the most picturesque town I’ve ever seen, Evanston, WY. No idea what people do there, or how they stay busy, but it was cute. Then I got back on the road and headed east. Then it hit me.

Holy crap, I’m STILL going east. I’ve never been on a road trip this long before and it’s tripping me out. Then I realized…it’s not a road trip. I’m moving. The freak out was minor, but still was a weird thing to think about. California is in my review mirror and I’m not going to turn around at any point in the next couple days and trek back. I’m not going to see my friends or family, I’m not going to be able to walk into my favorite taqueria and get an post gym dinner, I have to start all over. I know it makes sense to say it when you’re talking about doing it. In the middle of it all however…its a different feeling.

So I threw on some Kylie and sang along as I coasted through Wyoming at a reasonable speed above the limit.

Thats a lot of road to cover

Hummus and Pita chips, my new favorite road trip snack food!

Meanwhile, I turned south and headed towards Denver. Word the wise, they have traffic…LA style traffic. What made it very much NOT LA was the thunder and lighting storm that came along with it.

The finger of God...and it's saying "F* you Colorado!"

After navigating downtown and heading towards my hotel, I looked around and damn, Denver is CUTE! Yes, it was raining and foggyish in my car, but the neighborhoods off the main drags are awesome! All tree lined and well kept, and brick and stuff. I almost said F* Chicago and stayed in Denver, then I realized, I have plane tickets home from Chicago in a month, so I gotta be there and give it a chance. So I left Denver, and thats day 4…


2 thoughts on “Day 3 – On the Road

  1. SLC totally sucks. There are cute mountain towns in Utah…but SLC is not one of them. With your charm however, you could’ve nabbed yourself a mormon boy…they’re just ripe for the picking and one of the only things worth seeing in SLC.

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