Day 4 – On the Road

Denver, CO to Omaha, NE…also known as “The Big Flat”

So I woke up in Denver, after a night of listening to bad karaoke and decided to hit the gym. Little did I know, but I’d found out the night before, that Denver is on the of the thinnest cities in america accoring to San Francisco is on the list, but I’m guessing due to the fact that its the home of the “Half Ton Stunt Crew”, we got bumped down the list a bit. Anyway, back to Denver. HELLO NURSE. Or should I say, hello buff hotness! I was not prepared for my trip to the gym. Lucky for me, its ok to have a staring problem in the midwest, so I fit right in.

Meanwhile, I hopped on the road and headed east…again. The nicest thing I can say about Colorado is…Denver. Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty and all, but I don’t know what this state has against 3G coverage, but I’m personally offended. Meanwhile, boredom on a road like this…

Somewhere in CO

Leads to stuff like this…

Always said, I'm a very safe driver,

Well I coasted through Nebraska, which so far, is the flattest state to date. Redic really. And humid. Oh my lord. I thought Florida was humid, I’m surprised people in Nebraska aren’t born with gills. Seriously. I made a couple stops. One at the Pony Express museum/store and one in Lincoln.

Bead work at the Pony Express museum.I've actually made bead work like ths, way back in Pacific School, mine was way cuter!

Rainbow Ponies, made me think of Sal.

Welcome to Lincoln, show us your logs...

Sunset in Nebraska

After I pulled into Omaha (which felt like Tallahassee actually, minus the charm or cute accent. For those of you that don’t know, Nebraska does have an accent. It sounds like a Minnesota accent mixed with a bit of Texas twang. It’s very awkward.), checked into my hotel, I actually headed back out for a workout. Around 11pm of course. The gym was much busier than I’d expected and was 3 giant stories tall. It was my last workout at a 24 Hour Fitness for the forseeable future. They don’t have any in Chicago, which means, I’ll be relying on my P90x and weight set that I’ve got with me to keep the deep dish off, for the most part.

Day 5….Chicago!


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