Day 5 – On the Road

Omaha Nebraska to Chicago Illinois!

Oh yeah, the final stretch, 8 hours of…corn. Well, as you leave Omaha and cross into Iowa, you get casinos first. I had no idea gambling was legal in Iowa, and I’m kind of annoyed that their roads aren’t as nice as Nevada’s. Oh well. What they did have in spades, besides corn, was…State Troopers.

Thats right folks. I made it all the way to Iowa before being pulled over for going 75 in a 70. No seriously, let me say that again, 75…in a 70. I realize the dangers of speeding, really I do. I don’t particularly care, nor do I always obey the speed limit, however…5mph over on a highway where I was just going with the flow of traffic? So he pulled me over, asked me to come back to his vehicle with him and get in. Which I did. Apparently thats standard procedure? It was weird and his SUV smelled like dog. Anyway, small banter and chit chat later and beefy trooper man let me off with a warning. Thank god!

So I went back along my Mary way and this is what I saw…

Corn...and lots of it

Seriously, as far as the eye can see for the entire length of the state. And when you’re driving at 70mph on the dot, the state is VERY long. I did stop and explore a bit though, at the World’s Biggest Truckstop. Really, it was nothing special. It would have made for excellent people watching, however, I had done my hair up that morning (for my arrival in Chicago) and people were watching me. Awkward. Fauxhawks in Iowa…not big.

There really isn’t much to say about driving through Iowa and Illinois. It’s flat, its dull, the roads aren’t great and any time I went over the speed limit I started to get anxious. Meanwhile, toll roads in Chicago…new for me. I get it, winters are hard on freeways, but I’m still miffed at the whole idea.

I did make it safe and sound. Very happy to be here, but stressed. I do have to find an apartment after all. I don’t do well living out of my car. So…off I go.

PS. When I arrived at the hotel, the front desk clerk was kind enough to ask me if I knew how stupid my mohawk was and if I knew how much I was going to regret it in 20 years. He likened it to a mullet. I almost likened my fist to his face…but I needed a room with wifi.


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