The Studio

Yes, this post is a little overdue, but in all fairness…I’ve been preoccupied with you know…naps.

I finally found an apartment. Its in the Buena Park neighborhood in Chicago, north of Boystown/Wriglyville and South of Uptown/The Ghetto. After a year in the Castro in SF, I decided, I really didn’t want to be in thick of it all again. Living in Nob Hill with Audrey and Miguel was perfect and lord knows I miss my roomies already! But this blog isn’t about SF, it’s about Chicago! Say hello to my hood!

I live on the 5th floor of an Edwardian style building, or as they say in Chicago, an apartment building. Downstairs is an ice-cream shop, which I have managed not to visit thus far, and thats about it. However, on the next block over is World Gym and Jewel Osco (Chicago’s version of Safeway) and a lot of places to buy Korean hair (if ya know what I mean…). The Red Line is a short 8 min walk, 15 in snow from what I hear, which is awesome, cause it really takes ya anywhere. Know what else takes you anywhere? Lake Shore Drive. Picture it, 17 miles of park and trails along Lake Michigan avenue. Museums, lagoons, tennis courts and baseball diamonds, its kind of awesome, a mere block and a half from the place I now call home.

Speaking of the place I call home. I live in a studio. It’s about 350 square feet. It has an AC wall unit that looks like it came from a hotel, redone kitchen and a redic counter jutting out into my general living space. Right now I’m sleeping on an air mattress, surprisingly comfortable, and keep the AC on and the shades drawn all day, cause it gets HOT up in here real quick. Here are some pics, I’m going to call these “before” pics, since I won’t be posting anything until I get furniture and stuff, then I’ll post “after” pics for everyone to marvel at how well I’ve designed my space.

Living Space

Der Closet

La Cocina

Il Bano

So there it is. Small…er…cozy, but all mine.

Please shoot me an email if you’re one of those people who feels the need to have a physical address, cause i’m not posting it for the general world to find.


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