A Month Later

A month ago today (well, yesterday I suppose, since I’m writing this blog 2 hours before midnight on the 13th and won’t be able to post it until the 14th), I arrived in Chicago. Sight unseen. Not exactly the best idea, but hey, I’ve got a place to live, a couple clients with whom will bring in some money to pay bills and a few friends scattered around the city. All in all, I’m not doing too bad for a guy out on his own and 1,800 miles away from everything he knows.

Funny enough, I didn’t spend my month anniversary of living in Chicago, in Chicago. I was whisked home a few days ago so I could attend the wedding of two of my favorite people, The Nicks. The ceremony, short and sweet, very personal and reflective of their relationship. The guests, few and limited to a very intimate setting. The smiles were endless and the party, well, parties…epic.

The majority of weddings I’ve been to in the past have been pretty one sided for me. I’ve been very close to the bride or groom, but never both. I’ve known Nick for 8 years now, 3 days shorter than Nicole actually, so being at a wedding for a relationship I’ve seen from the beginning was really quite a new feeling. I loved it. Its an amazing feeling to see two of your very best friends, each of whom you know on a very personal level, decide to spend the rest of their lives together. You know that you’ll be a part of that life, because you’re a part of both of their lives, so their union isn’t a goodbye, its a marker in your relationship with both of them.

Speaking of the marker, can I talk about that for a minute. When you know both parties of a wedding…and you and all the guests, who you already know for the most part, are on vay-kay, sh*t gets a bit cray-cray. One could say ugly, but, I’ll just say it was fun and pretty awesome. I’m not going to go into great detail, cause those stories are best left for conversations over drinks. Just going to say, I know when to go to bed when staying at a hotel, since I’ve done my share of kicking people out of hotels in the past and I went to bed on purpose for two nights. It was a wise decision.

Also a wise decision? Moving to Chicago. One of the best moves on my part that I’ve done in a long time. I found myself the whole weekend referring to Chicago as “Home.” I was missing my small little studio, seeing the lake every time I walk out of my building and the surroundings that were so new just weeks ago, which now feel like I’ve been a part of them for ages. Well, at least the city. When I take a glance around my studio and see that I’m still hunkered down on an air mattress, I’m reminded, I’m still new. And thats good too.


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