Hello Skyline, Goodbye Burbs

If you’ve never been to Chicago, or the surrounding areas, this might be a little difficult for you to understand. The suburbs, are no joke. I don’t mean that they are kinda big and thats where families and stuff live, kinda like The Valley in LA. Oh no, here in Chicago, the burbs are a totally different animal. We are talking mile upon miles of square blocks, tightly trimmed lawns, strip malls and real malls, commuter train stations and families. It’s enough to make someone dizzy and if you’re a converted city person (like myself), enough to make you freak the hell out when you’re in the middle of it all.

Let me set the scene, look at the photo below.

Got it? Good. Chicago is the most picturesque city I’ve been in to date. Yes, I visited New York, Miami, Dallas (ok, bad example, but I get around…get it?), Portland and a TON of other cities (European cities are currently exempt from this list due to being able to majorly kick ass in the picturesque category). Don’t get me wrong, San Francisco has its fair share of sweeping views, architectural marvels and cityscapes, but something has had me snapping pictures of Chicago since they day I got here on such a regular basis I’m quickly filling up my iPhoto with skylines and not much else.

Know what I’m not filling my iPhoto up with? Pictures of the burbs, although, I probably should be (for record keeping purposes only). I’ve traveled out to the burbs a number of times. Dates, Ikea, laundry and cheap gas all play into the attraction of the small towns and areas outside Chicago. At least for me. What the attraction is beyond that…I really don’t know. I suppose it’s the quiet family neighborhood, cheap housing and proximity to…well, I don’t know. Cheer gyms?

The suburbs are SO big here they they extend into two different surrounding states. Did you know that if you live in Gary Indiana, you’re still considered the Chicago area? They even have a name for it…”Chicagoland.” I know, I know, I’m probably being a little bit judgy and over dramatic about the layout of this city and since I’ve never actually lived life in the burbs I don’t know what its all about, however…I have another photo for you to check out.

Kind of awesome right? Not going to lie, it’s a little scary, at least in the perspective of someone like myself, who is from a town where there were more farm animals than people (no seriously…there were) and we couldn’t even get pizza delivered. Seeing this on the horizon will freak anyone really, and if it doesn’t…there is something wrong with you.

I’ve always said that I can either live in the country, in the middle of no where, or in the middle of a great city where everything is happening around me. When i start snapping photos of the burbs and talking about how great I think it would be to live there, you fully have my permission to slap me upside the head and try and shake me the hell out of it. But I do want to extend a bit thank you to the people who did decide to say “Goodbye Skyline, Hello Burbs,” cause without them…I would have had an even harder time finding a great place to live in that skyline.


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