The Gayest City

I realize the title of this post is a bit…well, extreme, and I haven’t been to EVERY city yet, but I suppose I’m working my way around. We all know I like to move and try new places, cause you know, San Jose, San Mateo and San Francisco are all SO different from each other (not really) and I’m constantly looking for that place that feels just right. That being said, I can say with a very firm belief in the statement that:

Chicago is the gayest city I’ve ever been to in my life.

Yes, I’m very comfortable saying that as a statement. According to this article, Chicago didn’t even make the top 15! Now, I’ve been to MANY of these cities, Miami, LA, Oakland (still scratching my head about that one), New York, San Francisco…but I’ve never felt more surrounded by gay boys and gals than I do in Chicago. And I’ve got reasons…oh yes, I do. In no particular order, here they are.

Gay Bars: So…unlike many major cities with gay ghettos, Chicago neighborhoods don’t really discriminate when it comes to gay bars. No seriously…they’re EVERYWHERE. Which means, for friendly homos, you don’t have to live in the gayborhood in order to get drunk, possibly laid and stumble home without driving or cabbing too far. Bonus. Take a look at the map, do I lie?

Fitness: I know that fitness isn’t specifically a gay thing, but we all know the stereotype is that gay guys are supposed to be hot and take care of their bodies all the time and yes, many of my friends really do and they look amazing. I…didn’t get the memo. My memo apparently got lost and was sent to the entire city of Chicago.

Idea for a nice day in SF: Meet you friends at the park, smoke some or drink some, sun then bars or dinner or ice cream, what have you. After all, there was the requisite hour spent in the gym yesterday, right?

Idea for nice day in Chicago: Strip down to your nicest gym shorts, put on some shoes and run along the lake, or play beach volleyball for four hours, or swim out into the lake, then come back, get on a bike so you can ride to the gym and lift weights after.

Its madness. Seriously. Men in Chicago can be described in three words: Tan, Arms, Pecs. The amount of Gogo worthy men in this city is astounding (which surprises me, cause they Gogos here…not cute). I guess I spent too much time in a city with an overly lax attitude about looks and now I’m playing catchup. I bought rollerblades, I went for a run along the lake (no seriously, just one, I learned real quick that if no one is chasing me, or Leah and Derrick aren’t there to make me run, I’m not running), I joined a bodybuilding gym, I’m saving for a trainer. All that…makes me feel more gay than marching in the San Francisco Pride parade for 4 years.

Culture: On Monday night, I was talked into going out to a bar in Boystown. I was in NO WAY prepared for what was about to happen when I entered the bar. After showing my ID, I peered around a corner waiting for my eyes to adjust to the low lights and thought to myself “My goodness gracious, the music in here is SO freaking loud.” Then my eyes did adjust and I saw that the music wasn’t up loud, the entire bar was singing La Vie Boheme from the musical, Rent. The. Whole. Bar. Little did I know, it was “Musical Night.” What I did know, is that I wasn’t drunk enough to be there, so off to the bar I went to get properly soused before this happened…

No seriously…it did. Yes, the bar went all Rocky Horror Picture Show on Evita, including singing, audience response and napkin throwing…amaze.balls. If that kind of stuff ever happened in SF, I never saw it, but if I had, I may not have left.

Gay Rodeo: Now, I realize that Gay Rodeo happens nation wide. I’ve been in LA, San Francisco and now Chicago, and the full experience of the gay rodeo really needs its own blog post. I will say however, I didn’t realize how many cowboys had belly button star tattoos until I went to the Chicago Gay Rodeo…

I’m sure there are TON more reasons why Chicago is the gayest city I’ve ever visited that I’m blanking on since I’m still pumped off Red Bull and a workout. But I have to say, it’s a very comfortable feeling knowing I don’t have to be in the gayborhood to feel at home holding a guy’s hand (not that I have anyone to do that with) or actually live in the same building at homos (Nob Hill, they were few and far between). Maybe it’s not that Chicago feels “gay” to me…maybe it’s that I feel at home here.


2 thoughts on “The Gayest City

  1. I dunno, maybe there is a lot of gay bars out there, I haven’t been to that many while I was there. But I felt kinda out of place, the gay scene (as much as I have checked it out) did not feel very diverse at all. It’s… very white…. But, I guess speaking as a minority within a minority, I felt more at home in cities like SF, LA, or even NYC, where there are more people of different cultural backgrounds that shows up at the bars. I didn’t see that when I was in Chicago.

    Although, I guess I don’t live there, so perhaps I don’t know where they are. oh well.

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