Ok, so you may or may not have heard that Chicago experienced quite a mild winter. I don’t even know if many people would call it winter here. I think it snowed a total of like 6 days. Yup, pretty damn weak. Over the past two weeks we kind of had a really fast spring and almost sprung into summer. Yeah, 70s and 80s for days at a time after it had been, well, cold and windy before that. I mean, I had to turn on my AC a few nights in order to sleep. 


I don’t feel that I can even explain what happens to this city during the first heat wave after summer. I was pretty sure when I walked outside and it was warm on that first tuesday or wednesday I was going to see people running around shirtless and screaming with joy. It took a few more days before that actually happened, but there was less screaming and shouting and more jogging on the lakefront. Yes, that is one of the reasons I bought a bike, otherwise I’m just the creepy guy sitting on a park bench watching all the hotness jog past. On a bike, you’re “paying attention and being aware of your surroundings.” Just call me Mr. Responsible. 


Anyway, pecs and abs on the lake is not the only sign that we already hit summer and kind of missed spring, at least for a week or so. Downtown kind of exploded with outdoor seating for restaurants and small lunch places. Wide sidewalks, cement barriers and walls, flower pots and boxes stood no chance one the weather heated up. It was like everyone had been cooped up inside for months and months and couldn’t wait to get outside. I hate to break it to the city residents here, but it wasn’t that cold that a jacket couldn’t have taken care of you for most of the day. But I think all this outdoor activity is great. I thought San Francisco was an outdoor city, ha! Sure, the parks get crowded when its warm and not foggy during the summer, and the Castro may have a few busy weeknights in September, but they don’t’ seat half the restaurant on the sidewalk or on a massive back patio for months at a time. 


The whole city just, goes outside. Kids sell lemonade on the sidewalk (saw it today, would have taken a picture, but felt a little overly creepy), neighborhoods have pickup basketball games and outdoor movies, the beaches are packed with volleyball and runners and bikers and rollerbladers. There is very much a “we all survived together, lets get the hell out of our apartment and celebrate” together vibe. Its kind of super adorbs. I think mostly they’re just excited not to be wearing sleeping bags to work anymore and I’ll  be the first to say, its nice not to see winter “fashion” all everywhere.


So, along with the awful fashion, I hope to get rid of this damn pasty white skin. I didn’t realize I was nearly translucent due to lack of sun exposure until I saw a tanorexic friend of mine. I’d say it’s time for me to rock the short sleeve shirts, but I should really buy some that fit first (winter was rough, shutup). Also, kleenex and allergy meds, early spring and summer mean early allergies and the possibility of my throwing my back out from sneezes (don’t laugh, it’s happened before, both painful and embarrasing, like trying on tshirts from last year). 


Lucikly, I’ll be able to live in a hoodie for a few more weeks as summer has just been hinting at how great it’s going to be, which is good, cause it gives me a bit more time to find shoes that haven’t been thrashed from snow, ice and salt. 


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