Oh Parents

I realize the difficulty in raising children, and I’m eternally grateful that my parents didn’t drown me when every word out of my mouth was vicious and “smart ass” (I think I was like 7).

Meanwhile, now my friends are parents and I don’t think I ever realized how much stupid stuff I did as a kid that I thought was cool. Yet, parents have to be continually impressed and supportive, until they text me about it:

Friend: Kids are so weird, this morning my daughter said to me “look how far I can turn my head without turning my body!” and she barely even turned it that much.
Me: My favorite part of that text was where you judged your daughter for not being able to turn her head further, LOL!
Friend: Well, it really wasn’t that impressive, it in no way required me to watch.
Me: ROFL! Have I mentioned lately how amazing it is that you’re a mom? And a great one at that? Cause I love it.
Friend: Thanks. I mean, I think my daughter is the greatest kid of all time, but even retards can turn their head without turning their body.

I can only imagine what my parents said to their friends about my sister and I’m guessing it went something like this:

My Mom (on the phone with a friend): Know what my kids are doing right now?
Her Friend: No, what?
MM: They’re outside, playing with a tractor tire
HF: Seriously?
MM: Yup. I was totally kidding when I told them to get inside and roll each other around
HF: Where are they doing it?
MM: In the middle of the street.
HF: Uh…in the street?
MM: They’re fine, one of the cousins in playing lookout. Oh good, they’re putting two of them in the tire. Another great idea by my kid I’m sure.
HF: Don’t you think you should stop them? What if they get hurt?
MM: Oh, they’ll be fine. Oops, looks like they rolled into a patch of nettle and someone is crying. Gotta go!

Yes, my parents let us roll each other around in a giant tractor tire up and down the street, no we never got seriously hurt, yet, it was fun and I’m sure provided hilarious stories for my parents to share.


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