Dating Adventures – 1

So, my 1 year wrap up blog is in the works (holy crap balls) and I realize, I’ve been less and less shocked by the musings of this city and have just been enjoying it as of late. What I haven’t been enjoying all that well, is dating. So, I’m going to start writing about my adventures in that regard. Here is the first story, inspired by this morning’s events…

I finally consented to meeting up with a guy who I met on a dating site. Our conversations for the past couple months have been fleeting, but he has been very persistant and seems like a nice guy and lives fairly close, so why the hell not. Well, turns out, there is a reason we haven’t gone out, and will continue not to…

Me: How about saturday
Him: Saturday morning works the best
Me: Great, if it’s morning, breakfast will need to be involved
Him: It will have to be McD, I’m a broke ass bitch
Me: I don’t eat fast food
Him: Not even Subway?
Me: The smell makes me sick to my stomach
Him: Are you even human?
Me: -block-

Seriously, you want to take me out and you offer that you have no money and want to roll to McDonalds or Subway? I didn’t think I had to put a disclaimer on my profile that says “No Scrubs.” 


Now, i realize this may be a little harsh, cause really, not everyone has money and not everyone has a job. But I think everyone can have respect, I dont’ think there is a charge for that, and if your first inclination is to take me out to McDonalds for breakfast, I’m going to just cut both of our losses right here and now, and say “it’s not going to happen, best of luck.” 

Thats me having respect for myself, and my future situation…


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