SF for a straight geek

Yesterday my boss asked me if I could recommend some things for her boyfriend to do to unwind while in San Francisco working on a big project. Not going to lie, I really had to rack my brain. He’s a tech geek, not a bro, has no car and not a ton of time. I’m pretty impressed with the list I came up with, and thought it would make an interesting blog.

Sure, there are a ton of things to do in San Francisco that I didn’t list, mostly cause I didn’t want to tempt the guy with a ton of stuff that is coupley and he would rather not do solo. Lucky for him (and me) he was staying in Nob Hill, my old stomping grounds. This is by no means my standard SF recommended activities, but i think is good for straight, geeky guys who are traveling sans girlfriend from the Midwest.

Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar. SF institution. Totally random cheestastic bar in the middle of one of the most prestigious hotels in SF. And a rockin good time.
Tonga Room

Nick’s Crispy Tacos. 1500 Broadway at Polk. Little divey, but amazing food. Crispy fish taco, nicks way, if he eats fish, is the way to go. Otherwise, just a burrito, chips and salsa or guac and people watching is awesome there.

If he has time during the day at all and wants to know what it would feel like to visit China, A stroll down Stockton street is a good idea. It’s the not touristy part of Chinatown. Tell him to watch his step, and to eat at You’s Dim Sum at Broadway and Stockton. Ask for a veggie pork bun…ugh, my mouth waters just thinking about it.

Ride a cable car, given. They’re $5 every time you hop on or off, if he takes it to Ghirardelli Square (Hyde street line, not Mason), he’ll get a great view of Lombard street before arriving at the other end of SF with a great view of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. Also, sundaes there are a must. Not sure how late they’re open, but the Hyde Street Pier is where they’ve got an old Schooner and Steam Ferry docked as museums. (Fun fact: In elementary school, we spent a night on the Schooner in May, it was a whopping 45 degrees when I had to play “lookout” from 2am until 4am. I did however, learn how to tie a bunch of cool knots.)

Valencia Street in the Mission between 16th and 22nd is hipster alley. Any of the coffee shops will feature massive amounts of startup money sitting under an caftan from Urban Outfitters hacking away at a MacBook Air. Also, some cool book stores and thrift shops on that row.

Clam Chowder from a bread bowl is a total must in SF. Boudin will have it and the bread will be baked that morning.

Alcatraz night tour. If he’s into that kind of thing, he’ll have a good time.

If this is happening while he’s there, I think he’ll totally get a kick out of it. Adults in the museum and they serve alcohol and have DJs and almost everything is open to explore. SO FUN.

IMAX, ice skating and bowling can be found at Yearba Buena. Easy, good times.
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