Dating Adventures 3

In order to pass the time between buses while standing on a windswept Chicago street corner in the middle of the afternoon, I occasionally take to the chat apps, like Scruff and Growlr. I’ve had some great conversations and interactions with people which has resulted in dates and mostly good times. I have also come across more than my fair share of jerks whom, thankfully show me who they are right off the bat, instead of making me figure it out down the road.

This weekend’s interaction with an apparently new to Chicago Loyola student, didn’t go over well. A little bit of small talk then led to the following interaction.

Him: Damn it’s cold out
Me: Haha, it’s not that bad
Him: I’m from Los Angeles… It’s pretty extreme ahaha
Me: Lol, I’m from Santa Cruz
Him: Eww.
I’m sorry.
lmfao jkjk
SC is still considerably cooler than LA
Did you go to UCSC?
Me: Gross, no.
Him: Where did you go to school?
Me: San Jose State
Him: Ok, I guess, ahaha kidding
Me: Oh that Southern California humor, so tactful and attractive
Him: LOL it’s an acquired taste I apologize
Me: Just go away.

Seriously, just, go away.

I realize this isn’t wholly reflective of Southern California, as I have plenty of good humored friends there, and by no means think they all have the same sense of humor. I almost called him out for that lame ass Latino sense of humor (but didn’t feel like getting in an online argument with a stranger, because I’m not on the YouTube comments section).

I feel like I come across the “I’m going to make fun of you, then say I was just kidding and you should be ok with it” thing all the damn time from Latinos. I’ve seen plenty of girls tear down their best friends outfits, pull the lollipop outta their mouth when she gets all butt-hurt about it, and break into this big fake-ass smile and give her “just playing girl” wrap around the neck hug. Then they both go about their business.

Bitch, you can’t hug up on my neck in Scruff. Go away.

Oh the joys and pitfalls of dating in 2012


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