Call with mom

I called my parents to wish my dad a happy birthday, this is how it went:

Mom: Hello
Me: Hey Mom, it’s me
Mom: Oh, i recognized the name on the phone, so I picked up
Me: Good job. How are you?
Mom: Good, just here about to have breakfast
Me: Sounds nice. I just called to wish Dad a happy birthday
Mom: Awe, well thank you!
Me: … Sooo, can I talk to Dad?
Mom: I sent you an email a few minutes ago, did you get it?
Me: No, it hasn’t come through yet
Mom: Well, I’m sure it will, you know how our computer is
Me: Yeah, so, is Dad there?
Mom: Oh yeah, he’s here, did you want to talk to him
Me: … Yes please
Mom: Ok honey, I’ll get him
Me: thanks mom

Basically how all of the calls with my mom go, this was a short one. Next time we do a facetime call, i’ll have to record it and then post it to YouTube or something. So much viral potential I can’t even stand it.


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