Care Package

From an e-mail I just sent off to my mom. Last year, she was a sweetheart and made me a cookie care package. Unfortunately  she sent it to my home address and some crackhead stole it from the foyer. Then she made another one, and send it to my work, luckily, which I received and tore open with reckless abandon, only to find fudge covering the bottom layer of the cookie tin. Needless to say, I was kind of upset (I’m not a huge chocolate fan, unless it has nuts and nougat in it, and I was none so lucky that go round).

So, in an effort to avoid the fudge problem this year, I kindly requested she not send fudge, if she was going to send cookies at all, not that I expect her to, but I’m not about to turn down Christmas cookies (right? right!).

Hey Mom,

Was just thinking of you, cause Nicole asked me what my address was, and I asked if she was sending cookies. Then I remembered you might send cookies (I hope) and thought I should ask you very politely, not to send fudge. I’m not a huge fan. Just cookies. Unless you think I’m already too big, which I know dad does, cause he asked if i was going to get a personal trainer soon (I’m just getting ready for a hard winter).

Anyway, all is well here, not much to report. Not too cold yet and no snow, but hope for some soon. My snow boots are just aching to be broken in and there is no point in it being 20 degrees if we don’t have something to show for it.

Love you,


If anyone else wants to send me a cookie care package, please let me know and I’ll be happy to accept. Just don’t ask my dad for my address, cause seriously, he asked if I was going to start seeing a personal trainer soon…thanks dad.


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