The Joys of Homeownership

Just a few highs, and not highs, of owning my place over the past 7 months:

  • Got to write the biggest check I’ve ever written (for the down payment)
  • Reoccuring realization that I never have to move again
  • I can paint! But I haven’t (so glad gays lived in my place before I moved it, it totally works)
  • Furniture shopping
  • Massive TV. Its like watching the Real Housewives fight in person
  • Remodeling! But I haven’t
  • Pride of ownership
  • Continue to write large checks every month (not as thrilling after the first time, I assure you)
  • Larger tax refund
  • Plan awesome vacation in head with larger tax refund
  • Decorating! But I haven’t
  • Sigh with sincere relief when the water leak in the building happened a floor below, not above
  • Come home one night to find refridgerator is not cold and freezer has started to thaw, pray the cold weather knocked out the power or something
  • Wake up in the morning and realize, I own my appliances!
  • Shopping for new appliances!
  • Sudden realization new appliaces will be in exchange for awesome vacation, shop for aroma therapy candles instead of flights
  • Realization that moving isn’t really an option anytime soon when the cloggers above start at 6am
  • Should probably get to know the neighbors
  • Expirment with cooking (also known as, too poor to go out and forgot to grocery shop before -16 degrees hit)
  • Getting creative with work outfits and explaining to my manager why today’s outfit is “totally business casual” because the laundry room was full last night
  • Property taxes!
  • The view
  • Food delivery (trust me, as a kid who grew up in the wilds of Davenport where we couldn’t even get dominos to deliver, having food delivered to your front door is probably the #2 reason I live in a city)
  • Doormen
  • People with pets have to use the freight elevators, right next to me and my clean laundry
  • Trust and Estate planning (also known as, who do I want to get my stuff in case Mayhem strikes in the form of a 16 year old girl like totes freaking out and texting while driving…on the sidewalk, or through a red light)
  • The thrill of telling someone they’re out of “the will” (see also, opening few scenes of The Devine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood)
  • Realization that my will would include a large TV, a bunch of 90’s movies on DVD and a pair of snow boots
  • No longer living in the ghetto

3 thoughts on “The Joys of Homeownership

  1. I love you for this. It’s SO true. Being a homeowner is so fun sometimes, but there’s a lot of crappy stuff too. But, trust me…the only thing worse than homeownership and all the crap you have to deal with, is going back to renting (and watching half your paycheck go into someone else’s pocket).
    ❤ Girl Twin

  2. lol, reading this after dealing with a broken water pipe in my rented apartment bathroom, and a roommate that has no concept of how the real world works and why the magic wand can’t fix things for him. Still owning my home in WI and the additional joys of being a remote landlord for my tenants.

    Well if it’s any help, contact me about your new home and I’ll see what I can do to get you some vacation money.

  3. When can I visit? I’ll stock your pantry with essentials and help you decorate.
    I am proud of you for taking the plunge!

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